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End your day right just the way you started it. Don’t let insomnia or late nights home works get you down, for Lolo Matt will take away that frown. If you can’t sleep cause you’re broken hearted, let his laughter be the one to mend it. We never cease to make you enjoy, for even […]

Traffic Jam is such a bore, so we thought of making you laugh once more. Let the stress out and let Chico Banana in. If you’re at home making dinner while you wait for things to simmer, take a moment to enjoy iFM, with Chico Banana’s Bantay Salak-i.

As the night beckons, we end another day with your favorite rock music. Just like you think things won’t get any better, relax and enjoy because with iFM things are truly “BASKOG!”

Think. Laugh. Enjoy. Three things Gaby is good at doing. Stop counting hours before work time ends and enjoy the humor in thinking while listening to good music. There’s no specific technique in “Palitik”. You just need to bring that humor out, be creative and unique.

If you’re thinking that your radio’s broken trust us it’s not. We are simply bringing you back in time for you to remember what a blast the past was. Let your Sunday be your day to unwind for even in your day of rest we assure enjoyment unlike the rest.

Emotions on i

The scorching heat of the mid day is in no way a reason to feel dismay… And so we let the coolness of love songs fight the heat and soothe your soul. For we understand your need to sit back, relax and enjoy your break with us…


Two is definitely company, but three is never a crowd… Apple’s charm, Edu’s unpredictability and Dayday’s words of wisdom become your daytime comic relief as you deal with the day to day stresses of life. From “chismis” to rap sessions on anything under the sun, you name they talk about it, for in i2i, these […]

Kamote Club

Fill your mornings with a daily dose of laughter and wake up to the wacky and smart viewpoints of the iFM’s Morning Man, Brad Ponkan. Men and women may be on separate planets but they collide in “Labanan ni Eba at Adan”. Now who’s to say that 5am is too early to have fun…? In […]